Sunday, April 24, 2005

how to use Skin Treatment Saltbars

Skin treatment saltbars are a solid block of crystal sculpted out of 250 million year old full body salt containing all 84 trace elements and minerals essential to healthy glowing skin.

After your shower, when your skin is still wet, apply the saltbar on your skin. Not directly (unless you're using it on the soles of your feet, or you're a masochist) as it may be scratchy. Best to rub your hands on the saltbar, then use your hands to apply on the skin. Repeat until there's a good amount of salt on the skin. Then pat dry! Don't rinse off, so that the salt and minerals can continue their beneficial effects on your skin. It's like a dip in the ocean... great for the skin. You can apply moisturiser on top of it.

You can also have a saltbar at your washbasin, so that everytime you wash your hands you can rub your hands on the bar and then apply to your skin. Many people (including myself) have found it is a helpful treatment for eczema, rashes, and other skin irritations. You can read enthusiastic testimonials at If this link doesn't work, just copy the address & paste it to your web browser address bar.

The skin treatment saltbar also good as a mild deodorant because salt is a natural antibacterial. And as a natural antibacterial it's also helpful against acne. Apply to the oily T-zone - it helps to normalise the skin, and can reduces the inflammation and duration of acne.

Some of us get itchy skin during the hay fever season (someone said to me that her skin practically "crawls"). I have found the saltbar wonderful for that. Itchy scalp, itchy skin - get relief from the saltbar! Remember to moisturise too... one suggestion is to moisturise the skin after applying the saltbar, with organic rosehip seed oil. It's available most pharmacies or health shops.

The saltbar helps with the outside symptoms, while you investigate the causes - skin problems can be dietary or emotional!

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