Monday, May 09, 2005

101 ways with a Skin Treatment Saltbar

Well, not quite 101 yet... For an introductory article on how to use the Skin Treatment Saltbar, see earlier article below. Here's a quick listing of the different uses, that we and our customers have benefited from:

1 normalise the T-zone on the face
2 prevent acne, or the inflammation of acne. can clear mild acne.
3 relieve itchy skin during hayfever season
4 clear sinuses during a cold or hayfever (agitate saltbar in water to get a salt solution)
5 relieve skin irritations (rashes, eczema, dermatitis, etc)
6 mild deodorant
7 clear fungal rashes
8 benefit of a good dip in the ocean without the sun damage
9 relieves "internal heat rash" ( Trad Chinese Med diagnosis)
10 a good scalp rub
11 an all over skin rub (use hands)
12 exfoliant for the hard soles of feet (use saltbar directly)
13 saline solution for mouthwash (gets rid of the furry feeling in the mouth)
14 natural anti-bacterial for skin
15 toothbrushing (wet toothbrush bristles, rub on bar)

more to be added as we receive feedback from customers
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