Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Help for eczema and dermatitis

Eczema, dermatitis - so many people suffer from this, and so many creams and salves available, but little relief! The causes are complex but it's generally accepted that a stressful or anxious disposition is a common factor. I can speak for myself and many whose testimonials appear on who have gained relief from the symptoms of eczema using the Skin Treatment Saltbar.

It's important to note that you need to treat eczema both internally and externally for best results. Here are a few suggestions that have been effective for me, (ex-)chronic eczema sufferer. The Skin Treatment Saltbar is the main thing I have on hand to help with the rare and now minor outbreaks. It has helped me immensely to the point that I threw my cortisone cream away years ago.

In addition, to help the stubborn cases:
  1. relax and calm yourself! Try meditation or other means to relieve anxiety in your life. Try our organic Lemon Myrtle Mist Spray which contains uplifting and calming lemon myrtle essential oil and Australian Bush Flower Essences for clarity, calm and peace.
  2. take liver cleansing and blood purifying herb teas. My staples are St Mary's Thistle (seeds), dandelion root (unroasted), Burdock root, Red Clover. Buy the dried herbs from a reputable health shop, make a strong tea from the combined herbs and drink the tea every day, especially when symptoms are worse.
  3. take evening primrose and flaxseed oils for their essential fatty acids which help reduce inflammation.
  4. use pure aloe vera and organic rosehip seed oil on the skin, after or before applying the skin treatment saltbar.
  5. supplement with selenium, a mineral often deficient in people who suffer from eczema, and zinc.
  6. avoid dairy products - one of the most common culprits in eczema and dermatitis
  7. take antioxidants - Vitamins A, C, E
Happy relief!


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